May 13, 2008

Maine Creationism Effort Squashed for This Year

It looks like Matthew Linkletter and Norman Luce of School Administrative District 59 in Maine have been slapped down for the time being:

No vote Monday on evolution topic

MADISON — School Administrative District 59 directors will not vote on or even address revising the school curriculum on Monday, Superintendent Michael Gallagher said today.

During their April 29 meeting, the SAD 59 Board of Directors tabled discussions about revising the curriculum and about how the district teaches the theory of evolution.

Board member Matthew Linkletter of Athens last month suggested removing evolution from the science curriculum. Linkletter said that evolution is not proven, and thus should not be taught as science.

Gallagher said that the board has no specific timetable regarding discussion and an ultimate vote on a revising the curriculum. Such a vote might not happen during the current school year, he said...
The matter was to be put to a vote at the upcoming May 19 meeting of the Board of Directors, but it has apparently had the legs kicked out from under it. No reason for this is given in the article.

While this is good news, Linkletter and Luce are still on the Board of Directors and might well continue agitations. I plan to keep an eye out for them. Unless they're removed from their respective offices, I have a hunch we haven't heard the last of these people.

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