June 21, 2008

Absinthe in America

Last night's celebration of LL's newly-minted American citizenship at Nick's was great fun. The rumors of Nick's serving absinthe are true; it's not on the menu yet, but they have Kübler. It's a Swiss brand and not too bad, though perhaps a bit on the sweet side as it was served. Nevertheless, this was the first time LL and I (and probably everyone else at our table) has drunk absinthe legally in the USA. And so, at long last, one of the burning questions of our times can be answered. What happens when biologists and anthropologists get together and drink a bunch of absinthe? Well, it looks something like this:

Academics on absinthe!
Around the table, from left to right, are Karen, Margit, Manfred, LL, myself, Andy and Ingo. A motlier crew of scientists and academics has never gathered at a Worcester tavern, I'm sure.

There's a joke in here somewhere that starts out with "Three Germans, an Arab, a Pakistani, a Californian and a Jew walk into a bar..." I haven't come up with the punchline yet, but it will have to include something about sauerbraten.

Very interesting point...
Here, Ingo is making an important point about... something... as Andy ponders the meaning of... something. Who knows what. Probably something about alignments and laccase genes and gastromycetization (yeah, right).

Nick's is a great hang-out. Last night, live music was provided by local musician Dan Burke. The wait staff is friendly and Nick himself is a nice guy who tends a mean bar. Three thumbs up (have I mentioned that mutation yet?)

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