June 30, 2008

Haven't Heard About LL Yet

It's coming up on 3:30 PM in Lebanon as I write this. LL's surgery would have begun about 4½ hours ago assuming that it wasn't delayed for some reason. It shouldn't have taken very long if there were no complications.

When I last spoke with LL on Saturday, she promised me that one of her relatives would get word to me that she was doing alright if she wasn't able to do so herself soon after the procedure had been completed. I haven't yet heard anything, though, so I'm worried. It's probably nothing, but I can't help but fret about it. She's thousands of miles away in a country that isn't about to win any awards for its stability and I haven't a clue as to what's going on with her.

Normally, I'd be getting ready to head out the door by now. As it is, though, I haven't yet been able to get myself motivated. I keep checking Skype, my email and my cell phone for word from Lebanon. I know that stressing over it helps nothing but I can't help myself.

I wish somebody from over there would get word to me. This could turn out to be an insufferably long day otherwise.

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