June 06, 2008

Jesus Christ Gets Tasered

Deputies subdue naked man who was claiming to be Jesus and George Bush

...A motorist called deputies about 4 a.m. to alert them that the man was standing nude in the middle of Alabama 79 at Bradford Road. As the motorist approached the man, he stumbled toward the car and was struck by the car's mirror, sheriff's authorities said. The man then ran away.

The motorist summoned deputies. Armed with their X26 Tasers, they ordered Odell to the ground, but he refused. He was struck in the chest by the Taser but didn't go down. He was struck a second time and fell to the ground, but wouldn't roll over to his stomach. When he was struck a third time, the man yanked the Taser wires out of chest. After being shot a fourth time, Odell complied with deputies and was secured with handcuffs and leg irons.

Odell stated that he was Jesus Christ and George Bush and that he could break the handcuffs. Authorities said he appeared to be intoxicated.

Center Point Fire and Rescue came to the scene to remove the remaining Taser wires from his chest and back...
How did the cops know he wasn't really Jesus? And didn't Jesus receive four wounds the last time he got arrested? Hmmm.

Is there any good reason why Jesus shouldn't descend from the heavens into a naked guy in the middle of a highway in Alabama? He shows up in grilled cheese sandwiches, grease spots and tree trunks regularly, so why not?

These cops have filled in for Roman soldiers and zapped the Christ. They're just lucky it wasn't the Ghost of Norman Fell or their heads surely would have exploded.

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