June 21, 2008

PZ is Right: Ken Ham is a Wackaloon

Apparently Creationist-in-Chief Ken Ham is shocked, appalled and disheartened that PZ Myers thinks he's a nutter. Like this is some unexpected turn of events for Ham. Were he and PZ roomies or drinking buddies at some point in their past?

In similarly surprising news, it was revealed today that an elephant is larger than a breadbox. World leaders to confer on this startling development. Details at freaking eleven o'clock.

For the record, I also think that Ken Ham is a wackaloon. My notoriety is much too small for him to notice that or bother replying to it, of course. In fact, I think Ken Ham is two wackaloons with a heaping side of nincompoop and a tall, cold glass of imported sparkling codswallop.

So there.

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