June 12, 2008

Reminder: Thank God for Evolution Tour of New England

A reminder to New Englanders that Michael Dowd, preacher and author of Thank God for Evolution, will be swinging through southern New England this month:

I'm planning to attend Dowd's talk in Willington. I don't think for a moment that I'll agree with everything he says and I'm not making any endorsement of his ideas on either religion or science. Nonetheless, I think Dowd may be an interesting speaker from what I've read about him in the press regarding appearances elsewhere in the country. I'm curious to hear about his proposed resolution of empirical evidence and Christianity.

If any readers in the Worcester area would like to attend the event, let me know and we can share the ride to Willington. The event itself is free, but if fellow attendees are willing to share the investment in gasoline, I won't object in the slightest. If you'd like to come along, send an email to dowdinwillington [AT] mycolicious [DOT] com.

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