July 12, 2008

LL Update from Lebanon

LL has sent a few photos from Lebanon. She's had her nose done and has a thingy on it that looks a bit like a birdcage. She tells me that she's ready to come home, but she won't get here until 7/24. I miss her like crazy, of course, so it's nice to get these additions to our scrapbook.

First, here's a photo of LL relaxing by the seaside in Junieh:

Here's LL's mom, Noha, doing very motherly things involving food:

Finally, here's a high-tech bit of kitchen apparatus that's coming home with LL. I'm told it can do everything from making cappuccino to preparing a pot roast to resurfacing the driveway. I suspect that it's not electronic at all but contains a very small Arab fellow who actually does all the work:

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