July 07, 2008

LL Update

LL and I have been seeing each other over Skype daily since she went to Lebanon. She's now almost fully recovered from last week's surgery, so what's she doing?

She's having another procedure done this week. It's a minor cosmetic procedure done on an outpatient basis to correct something that I've never considered a flaw. It's what she wants, though, and since this procedure is extremely unlikely to threaten her health in any way, more power to her.

We've been referring to this trip of hers as if she were a car. She's returned to the manufacturer for a tune-up, as it were. I just hope I'll still recognize her when she gets back home! I envision waiting around to pick her up on her return and wondering why she's so late as she sits not ten feet away. Good thing we can video-chat over Skype.

And it just so happens that she gets to see Patti Smith perform tomorrow, too. Patti Smith live in Lebanon sounds like a very cool concept.

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