July 25, 2008

A Splendid Day, a Not So Splendid Movie

It's a rare day that LL and I get to spend entirely together, and today was just such a day. We didn't do anything too unusual; that we did a lot of not much together was the important bit.

Much to my surprise, LL decided that she did want to go out for dinner after all. Seafood was the cuisine of choice, so we went to Coral Seafood Restaurant on Shrewsbury in Worcester. I had the shrimp and scallops with tortellini and she had baked scallops. All of it was terrific. Since her surgery, LL can only eat about 2 to 4 ounces of food every two hours or so. Most of her order came home with us; mine did not. She really does eat like a bird these days, but because she has to chew each mouthful very carefully it takes as long for her to eat a small amount as it does for me to eat... well... probably a little too much. The tortellini really was excellent, like a book I couldn't put down. We talked over dinner about things we hadn't talked about in a long time, from back when we first met, the little apartment she lived in while an intern in Forest Knoll and the Two Birds Restaurant and the first road trip we took together. We talked about how the people who knew us then didn't think we'd last three months, and here we are twelve years later about as happy together as any two people could be.

Because we went to dinner, it was too late by the time we were done to catch the beginning of the ballgame, so we decided to just see a movie instead. LL has a thing about clowns, so The Dark Knight was out. I find Abba about as enjoyable as a honey-dipped roll on a fire ant nest, so Mamma Mia wasn't going to happen. We've both enjoyed Guillermo del Toro's previous work, though (The Devil's Spine and Pan's Labyrinth are high on both of our lists), so we decided to see Hellboy II: The Golden Army.

It was alright for what it was. There wasn't much to it; a typical superhero action flick augmented by visuals similar to those in Pan's Labyrinth. Aside from the imagery, though, there was nothing particularly memorable about Hellboy. Being close in a darkened theater for two hours was the best part of the flick. What was on the screen was largely inconsequential.

It was a splendid day. One must grab those while one can; they don't come around nearly often enough.

Thanks to Jeff, Claudia, Steve and anyone who took the time to wish us a happy anniversary, whether they wrote that wish down or not. It was a happy anniversary, indeed.

LL tells me I'll be seeing certain local bloggers soon, too. I look forward to meeting you in person if we haven't already.

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