July 17, 2008

Transcript of Pope Benedict's Homily at World Youth Day

The following transcript of Pope Benedict XVI's homily at World Youth Day was produced by turning on the television (coverage provided by EWTN), then my laptop's speech recognition software, and then walking out of the room. The raw transcript was saved as a Microsoft Word document. I then ran Word's spelling and grammar checker and accepted whatever changes it suggested. When there was more than one correction suggested, I always chose the first one. This, then, is what the computer heard Pope Benedict say. It starts off a little clumsy, but it makes as much sense as anything I've ever heard uttered by a clergyman by the end.

A U.S. ally in the eighth of the season lasts only in this kind. Get known to have it. On a study was the Holy Father you long for as the event is the value of a man. To be on third is the challenge, not as hard as it is easy. Some thanks to our house is the kind of a show of hands as the author has a son who is of the view that he is fine and does as pretty a Eucharist as this.

All are being with the rays of the only holy thing that that is: the one of the united tens of only a light. On one of these signs, by the way, you of the U.S. lose. You’re of the view that I have the main thing. Now he’s had a lot of that all. Use a kiss and take much as follows this.

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This is nice. Now he’s SS Grand Am.

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As the Visio ZION these days, I think it’s, yeah, I think that’s anything. Saying all that they have is the days. Home has views. The path of the house is a nine now and at the van they are both a visa and a mountain goat.
I think we can all take away a few lessons from that.

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