July 20, 2008

The Very Long Sunday

It's 9:35 PM as I write this. It's been a long day. My sequences, however, are ready to go on the plate in the morning. I hope it's worth it. If I'm really lucky, I may find a mutation at the primer binding site of one or two species under tribe Diaperini when I get the reads back on Tuesday. If there is one there, it could turn out to be a very useful character in reconstructing Tenebrionidae phylogeny.

Or it could all be pure chance.

Like a slightly schizophrenic ex-girlfriend of mine once told me on an evening when her pupils were the size of basketballs, "You never know until you find out."

Me, I've got a scotch and soda in one hand and a remote control in the other. Time to turn the brain off for the night.

My day ended with an act of great generosity being made toward me. I ran out of cigarettes hours earlier but I was too busy with DNA-related stuff to leave and get some. On my way out the door, I bumped into CaKh, the Argentinian entomologist/biogeographer. He insisted on giving me 3/4 of a pack of Marlboros for the ride home. That might not be a big deal in some places, but in Massachusetts I believe that qualifies as a dowry.

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