August 20, 2008

Bigfoot Body: Grudging Kudos to Rick Dyer and Matt Whitton

I really don't mean to dwell on this whole bigfoot thing, but I've learned something about perpetrators Rick Dyer and Matt Whitton today that's made me think a little bit differently about what they did. See, I have evidence that these guys not only aren't believers, but that they're actually skeptics who decided to fleece the hordes of gullible dummies who believe in fairy tales against all evidence. Granted, they shouldn't be taking money for it in one sense and they probably shouldn't cash the check they're purported to have received from "bigfoot expert" Tom Biscardi. Still, I have to admit a glimmer of grudging respect for their having a very good understanding of their marks.

I called their tip hotline this morning and recorded the message that those who wish to report a bigfoot sighting (among other so-called cryptids) hear when they get in touch with these guys. You can hear it, too, by clicking play on the little bar below:

The bigfoot pictures were just the beginning!

Somebody please tell me how anyone hearing that message could possibly think they were being taken seriously by Dyer and Whitton. It leads off with leprechauns and ends with Elvis, for crying out loud! Anyone who heard this message and went on to actually leave a tip, or sign up for one of the scamming pair's "bigfoot expeditions" or otherwise offer them money for any reason related to bigfoot, UFOs or other fairies, must be regarded as a fool... and we all know what happens to fools and their money.

Fool = bigfoot expert. Simple equation, sure, but there's money to be made from it for any con man who realizes how much delusion is invested in the wooful world of cryptozoology. In the meantime, I'm sure the Bigfoot Boys are kicking back and laughing about the whole thing over a Budweiser. They seem like the Budweiser type to me.

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