August 03, 2008

The Dragon in the Window: Tycho Greets a New Day

Despite years of unchallenged dominion of his territory, Tycho remains unconvinced that there are no other bearded dragons roaming the neighborhood.

Tycho is vigilant
Nearly every morning, Tycho heads for his favorite perch in the kitchen window. Once there, he does a territorial head-bobbing display to warn off any rivals and, perhaps, attract the attention of any females in the area. So far he's had no takers.

He also dislikes birds with pointy crests and lately has taken to getting upset when he hears bluejays as well. If you understand bearded dragon body and coloration language, you can tell from this photo that something has displeased His Highness. His beard is beginning to turn black. In fact, a blue jay had just perched in a nearby tree and begun shrieking when I snapped this photo.

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