August 18, 2008

Everything That Happens Is Terrific

It's been very quiet here at the lab today. I've been doing morphology stuff and, since I found a recycled pair of miniature computer speakers for $1.99, I've been listening to the new Byrne/Eno album, Everything That Happens Will Happen Today.

It's hard to slap a musical label on this. Pop? Alternative? Whatever. It's Brian Eno's music and David Byrne's lyrics. It's brilliantly introspective. It sounds like David Byrne looking back over his long and illustrious and productive career and just accepting it all. It's the human condition through Byrne's eyes which, he seems to know, aren't as young as they used to be... and that's all right. It's all OK in the end. This is a man looking through the years and into the future and embracing every bit of it.

It's beautiful, it's honest, and it's entirely unpretentious.

One sad day I will fly away,
and one sad day I will tiptoe away.

— "The River"

Not anytime soon, I hope. This is great music at every level.

What are you waiting for? Go listen to the free stream. You can hear the entirety of every song on the album free of charge. Don't take my word for it.

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