August 18, 2008

Everything That Happens Will Happen Today

David Byrne and Brian Eno's new album, Everything That Happens Will Happen Today, has been released. It can be streamed for free as well as purchased in a number of formats: MP3's with digital lyrics booklet and art ($8.99), a CD plus digital material ($11.99), or in a limited edition package with all sorts of bonus material ($69.99).

I'm just going with the first option. Seventy bucks is a bit steep for me these days. I've listened to the single "Strange Overtones," which has proven to be an infectious one indeed, and "Home," which reminds me in some ways of the material from very early on (More Songs About Buildings and Food in particular) but also a little of Speaking in Tongues.

Anyhow, it's great to have a new Byrne/Eno album after all these years and I can't wait for the show in Boston on Halloween! It's nice to start the morning off with something this pleasant.

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