August 09, 2008

Finally in State College, PA

I really must keep in mind that drives to central Pennsylvania never take the 6 or 7 hours I think they will. I left Worcester at 10:30 AM and didn't get to my hotel until about 9:30. Traffic jams added a good deal of extra time.

I was considering having a drink down at the bar, but I don't even think I'm up for it. I have to be up early for tomorrow's foray; the bus departs from Penn State at 8 AM and as I don't know my way around I'll need to leave myself a bit of extra time.

I'm too road-weary to write anything coherent right now, but I am here. Thankfully, the hotel has given me a room right above a courtyard where students are drinking. I'm sure they'll lull me to sleep at any moment now.

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