August 01, 2008

Out-of-State Gay Couples Can Get Married in Massachusetts Today

It's a done deal. Governor Deval Patrick signed legislation yesterday that repeals Massachusetts General Law Title III, Chapter 207, Section 11, better known as the 1913 Law. Any two consenting adults from anywhere in the country can now get married in this state, including same sex couples. The law does nothing about how such marriages are regarded in other states, of course, a situation like that of age of marriage laws (example: in Mississippi, the age of consent to marry without parental consent for a woman in 15. In neighboring Alabama, it's 18).

Professional concern troll Kristian Mineau of the Massachusetts Family Institute is terribly worried about how the marriages of non-residents of the state will be treated elsewhere. So, so concerned:

Kristian Mineau, president of the Massachusetts Family Institute, said repeal of the law will result in lawsuits around the country after couples married in Massachusetts file suits to have their marriages recognized in their home states. He has also argued that the repeal will put gay divorce in question because same sex couples will face "a legal limbo" when seeking to dissolve their marriages in their home states.


How awful, no? Of course, Mineau will now begin crusading to get laws changed in other countries so that gay married couples won't face such problems, just like straight couples and 15 year olds from Mississippi, right?

Don't be silly.

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