August 22, 2008

Tycho Gets a Birthday Card from the Evil Veterinarian

The same veterinarian who told us that Tycho would be dead by last Thanksgiving if we didn't let her run a battery of expensive tests, accused us of neglecting him, and refused to consider a payment plan to cover the expenses she demanded we incur, sent Tycho a birthday card:

It seems like a waste to send us a reminder to bring our dead pet in for a check-up. If Nancy O'Leary was so certain that he was going to die nearly ten months ago, why mail this card to us at all? Believe me, LL and my feelings toward this vet are not nearly as warm and fuzzy as this saccharin little business prop — which, by the way, doesn't have a bearded dragon in it. Neither will O'Leary's examination room come October 30.

It's a card generated by a machine, of course, and that machine is a better herp veterinarian than the woman who works in the office that sent it. Tycho is just fine, having turned twelve a couple of days ago. No thanks for this are due to the Worcester Cat Hospital and Bird Clinic. We wouldn't bring him back there in a million years, and if you're a herp owner in the Worcester area, I suggest that you avoid the place as well lest you and your pet be put through the same treatment that we got from them.

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