November 20, 2008

Another High Cholesterol Daily Jesus

The King of the Jews hates health food. Why else would he only manifest in high fat, high cholesterol food? This time around, it's the drippings from a melted chocolate cookie in Melton Mowbray, Leicester, UK:

Jesus' face in chocolate cookie

By Ben Truslove

...Lois Preira, of Ullswater Road, was enjoying a cookie and a cup of tea when she noticed a face in the melted chocolate on the plate.

She said: "I was enjoying the cookie and when I picked it up I saw a face. When I looked at, I immediately thought that's definitely the face of Jesus. It looked just like the Turin Shroud. I felt I had to keep the plate because nobody would believe me otherwise..."
I've seen the picture and I still don't believe Preira. Her "just like the Shroud of Turin" bit of melted chocolate looks a good deal more like a random lump of nothing than it does like a human face, let alone that of a mythical figure.

I wonder if there's a connection between sightings of Jesus and poor diet. Every time Christ shows up in food, it's bad food. Grilled cheese, french toast, cookies, Cheetos... it's never anything healthy. Jesus doesn't pop up in a salad, manifest in tofu or make himself known in a steamed vegetable plate. No, it's some kind of junk food.

Makes ya think. Are those with hardened arteries perhaps more likely to believe in this sort of thing? Reduced oxygen supply to the brain can produce some odd effects.

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