November 11, 2008

Christ Meets Mrs. Butterworth; Hilarity Ensues

OK, I don't have much more than the title on this Daily Jesus, but the King of the Jews has popped up on somebody's plate again. This time, it's french toast in Pompano Beach, Florida.

South Florida Man Finds Jesus in his Toast
Troy Eckonen was eating breakfast at Mack's Cafe in Pompano Beach last Tuesday when he spotted Jesus' face on his last piece of French toast... he and friends also see Christ's left arm raised and holding a cross, as well as two birds over the left shoulder.
Note that Jesus has now shown up on french toast. This is clearly a divine endorsement of the French socialist welfare state. Still, one wonders whether it's proper etiquette to smear the son o'God with butter, drench him in syrup and take a bite. Mmmmm, transubstantiation.

Notice that Jesus never shows up in healthy food. It's always something high in fat. Cleanliness stops being next to godliness when it comes to arterial walls.

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