December 01, 2008

Cincinnati Zoo Calls Off Creationist Theme Park Joint Promotion

This morning, I mentioned a joint marketing promotion involving the Cincinnati Zoo and the Creationist Theme Park as one of the things that had me feeling down. This evening, I feel a little better because the promotion has been terminated before it even began.

Zoo pulls Creation Museum promotion

by Dan Horn

A promotional deal between the Cincinnati Zoo and the Creation Museum was scuttled today after the zoo received dozens of angry calls and emails about the partnership...

The deal appeared on web sites for both institutions Friday, but it was pulled by the zoo Monday morning after complaints about the partnership started pouring in.

Most of the protests echoed the same theme: the Creation Museum promotes a religious point of view that conflicts with the zoo's scientific mission. The museum promotes a strict interpretation of the biblical version of how life began, and it suggests that dinosaurs and man once lived side by side...
Kudos to everyone who took the time to call and/or email the zoo and express their concerns and upset. Anything that even remotely hints at legitimacy for the purveyors of animatronic religious mythology over evolutionary biology needs to be addressed by those concerned with the preservation of good science and sound reason.

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