December 01, 2008

Greater Worcester Humanists: Potluck and Yankee Swap

Speaking of the Greater Worcester Humanists, our next event will take place on Tuesday, December 9. It's a potluck dinner and yankee swap:

We will host a Dual Humanist Celebration for HumanLight and Human Rights Day which both occur this month. Further information will be listed here, as well as at

This will be a potluck dinner so plan to bring some munchies! A casserole, dessert, finger food or your specialty dish is appreciated. A safe bet is usually some kind of entree or appetizer. We usually start eating around 6:30.

We will also be having a Yankee swap. Each person that wishes to participate in the swap should bring a small (if possible, "humanism" related gift (suggested target price range of about $10). Last year's event was a fun time, with good food and good company, not to mention some pretty interesting and humorous gifts.


I'm not entirely sure yet of what I'm bringing for the potluck. I've signed up for an entree, though. I'm thinking about whipping up some hoppin' john. Most people around here have never heard of the stuff, and a bit of novelty goes a long way.

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