December 02, 2008

LL Sends Video, Causes Cerebral Aneurysm

Despite LL having lived in the US for many years and now being a citizen, there are still some obvious cultural differences.

For example, there's a song from which she's sung a snippet of chorus for as long as I've known her. Something about "Boom boom boom, let's go back to my room." I'd never heard this song anywhere else. After our years together, she last night sent me a link to a YouTube video of said song.

I think she wants to kill me. The song is by someone named Paul Lekakis; I'd never heard of him. Nonetheless, I think this may qualify as the worst song of all time. Listening to it was physically uncomfortable. In fact, I could only get through the first 1:05 of the thing before I had to make it stop. It's horrible. I'm going to do the only sensible thing, then, and allow you, the reader, the opportunity to share my pain. Out of responsibility, though, I'll include an appropriate warning:

Worst. Song. Ever.

If you watch this thing all the way through, I'm convinced, you will die in seven days. Paul Lekakis will crawl out of your monitor and do you in.

According to LL, this song was quite popular when she lived in Lebanon. Perhaps it may have something to do with the collapse of that country...

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