December 04, 2008

Prop 8 the Musical: Filled with Win

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Of course, there are those who disagree and think the video is full of.... SATAN!
...Our world is becoming increasingly consistent in its hatred of Christians and more and more prepared to receive God's judgment for its open rebellion against His commands. Soon, I fear for the lost, the festive singing and musical blasphemy embedded below is going to be over for them.

The Bible makes it clear - and in no uncertain terms - that when the world becomes as it was when Lot lived in Sodom, God is going to shake this world like a sapling in a hurricane...

It's coming around! It's coming around as clear as crystal, isn't it?

...It's a Satan thing, you know?
Gee, and I thought these folks wanted the son o'Jehovah to hurry back.

OOGA BOOGA! Satan Satan Satan Satan! The tooth fairy is coming to judge the living and the dead and yank out the fillings of all the bad little boys and girls and toss them into your War on Christmas stockings!

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