December 08, 2008

Refrigerator Door: My Niece Mails Me a Masterpiece

My niece is a consummate artist, and her talents extend far beyond hand-turkeys. She mailed me a drawing that arrived today, and it's a masterpiece!

As I am not myself an artist nor even an art critic, I don't know what it all means. Still... look at that composition! Those confident lines! That bold use of color palette! I'm telling you, the kid is the next Picasso.

Thoughtful child that she is, she also sent a note along with her artwork that undoubtedly would explain to me what it's all about. If only I were smart enough to understand...

That, I'm sure, makes it all crystal-clear.

On most days, I regret retrieving the mail. Aside from the occasional DVD from Netflix, mail is never good news. I live on email, so whatever comes in the post is either a bill or junk. It's a nice surprise to get something like this in that otherwise bleak box!

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