June 08, 2007

Of Human Stink in Floridian Heat and Its Effect on Baby Armadillos

The whole world seems terribly concerned with the fate of Paris Hilton today. I am not.

Instead, I spent almost the entire day, starting at 8:00 this morning, writing brief descriptions of books for a prospective buyer. It looks like another $1000 order, which is good news, of course. So engrossed in doing this was I that I hadn't even taken a shower yet when I heard rustling outside the house. Sure enough, the quartet of baby armadillos was back, snuffling their way through the brush and hoovering up ants and termites and such. I decided to go and have my third close encounter with the little critters.

For the first time today, they wanted nothing to do with me. As soon as I started approaching, they ran back to their warren and won't come out again. The only difference between today and my previous two encounters was that I haven't showered today. Perhaps 94° heat and the accumulated scent of humanity combined to send a strong enough warning to the armadillos for the first time today. Humans are, after all, dangerous, and I suspect that an unwashed human is more likely to eat an armadillo than a hygienic one in this part of the world. Thousands of years of evolution may well have resulted in natural selection for armadillos who fear stinky humans.

It only makes sense. Believe me, here in North Florida, you do not want to get stuck on a bus on a June day next to someone who has been waiting at the stop for twenty minutes and didn't take a shower. I'd run, too.

LL will be home soon. Maybe I'd better go do that, eh?

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