June 07, 2007

Some Time Out with LL

I was supposed to attend a UFS meeting this evening. I was going to meet HaDe there to get the check for the living room set, but she phoned and said she was called out of town. I wasn't really into the topic of discussion tonight (Darfur; been done to death), so I decided that I'd blow it off and surprise LL with a night out after she finished teaching.

I drove to campus and made it with a few minutes to spare. When LL was done with lecturing, I took her for dinner at Pitaria and then to Aladdin's for a sheesha. We tried the bubblegum flavored tobacco; it wasn't particularly good. I could taste something sweet, but not bubblegum. We weren't impressed; my favorite combination is still chocolate and hazelnut. Aladdin's has a big screen TV and gets Arabic satellite TV. We watched a bunch of videos and I played my usual game of trying to figure out where the performers were from. I'm getting pretty good at it. As it turned out, one of the videos we saw was performed by a woman who was one of LL's best friends when they were in grade school. Nawal something; I forget her last name and couldn't quite pronounce it even after several attempts. I did learn tonight that the word "makshouf" means "revealed" and "nagm" means "stars." I completely cracked LL up with a joke about Flowbee disasters. Anything that connects to your vacuum and cuts your hair can't be a good idea, right?

We had a nice, relaxing evening. LL was completely exhausted when we got home about half an hour ago and has gone to bed. I expect to be doing the same in about an hour.

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