July 29, 2007

Going on a Fungus Walk

In a little while, I'm leaving for a fungal field trip at Purgatory Chasm led by Dr. H. A number of members of the Boston Mycological Club will be coming along, including Anne Pringle and some of the people in her lab. I'm particularly looking forward to getting to meet Dr. Pringle; she and her lab have done some very interesting work on fungal genetics and ecology. Thus I'm hoping for a good turn out, but maybe not too good. There's going to be a barbecue at Dr. H's house after the field trip, too. Since Purgatory is rather near home for me, I'll probably come back here after the walk, hose myself down and pick up LL before heading over to the cookout.

The weather for today is looking a bit iffy, but right now the sun is out. Hopefully the storms will hold off until well into the afternoon. I've been looking forward to todays events since I got to Worcester and I'll be sorely disappointed if all or some of it gets rained out. Disappointed and probably wet, too!

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