July 27, 2007

Old School Late Night Monster Movie Show

Sometime back, I wrote an entry bemoaning the demise of the late night horror flick show. I grew up on "Chiller Theater" in New York and watched "Up All Night" during the 1980's. Aside from one show I remember watching briefly in the early 90's while living in Lancaster, PA, I thought that these shows had gone forever and been replaced by Video on Demand cable channels like FearNet. VOD may be convenient, but it lacks the personality that the old school horror shows had.

I'm happy to report that I was wrong about them having vanished. I've discovered that here in New England, one such show still exists and seems to be doing quite well for itself. The show in question is Penny Dreadful's Shilling Shockers. It airs late at night on various public access channels throughout New England (a listing of stations and times is available here. However, if you happen to live outside of New England and would like to see the show, you still can. A stream is available courtesy of WCCA here in Worcester every Friday at 1:00 AM Eastern US time!

So no excuses, horror fans; you can support the late night creature feature show by watching the stream and joining Penny Dreadful's fan club. Seriously, it's a lot more fun to watch cheezy old horror flicks on Shilling Shockers than it is to watch FearNet or rent them on DVD. Besides, where on DVD or FearNet do you get a hostess who looks like this:

It's enough to make you say, "Who the heck was Elvira, anyhow?"

Check out the show!

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