August 02, 2007

Maybe a Little TOO Friendly

I can't decide whether this is just a poor choice of words or a very clever marketing campaign:

Offering people who order one of their sandwiches a free "happy ending" seems like Friendly's may be taking their name a bit too seriously. I mean, I always appreciate good service at a restaurant, but I don't expect that kind of service. I guess they're just exceptionally grateful to their customers.

You'll never get this kind of premium at McDonald's; the best you can hope for there is some little plastic toy. I predict that there will be lines out the door for the next couple of days at your local Friendly's.

Considering what's on every Friendly's sign, though, I'm a little more inclined to think that it was just a bad choice of words. Their slogan is "Great food and ice cream." If their ice cream isn't food, what exactly is the stuff?

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