August 02, 2007

Yet Another Jesus Tree

Woman sees face of Jesus in tree

To Irma Lopez, the figure on the tree in her front yard in Moorpark is very clear.

It's the face of Jesus.

"Last Friday I was watering the front yard when I noticed an area on the tree that resembles Jesus," Lopez said. "I threw down the hose and told my daughter Lisa to come outside."

Her daughter agreed.

"After watering the area the figure is clearly visible," said Lopez, a resident of Baird Street for more than 40 years.

Lopez's mother, Elisa Flores, was a Catholic and the backbone of the house. She cared for the yard for many years and died two years ago.

"This figure on the tree is a blessing for the house," Lopez said.

Alex Meza, who lives across the street, was skeptical.

"At first I was like, are you sure you see something?" he said. "After Irma and Lisa had me come over, I am a true believer that there is a Jesus figure on the tree."

"Maybe it's a sign of God," he added. He noted that Lisa was pregnant, "... so this is a true blessing for her and her family."

Lopez placed two flowerpots and a candle at the base of the tree. She feels it will give her family strength and support.

Her daughter gave birth to a healthy baby boy Tuesday at Simi Valley Hospital.

"At first I thought am I crazy seeing this figure? But now I am a firm believer that the figure was meant to be there," Lopez said.

To see for yourself, the house is at 484 Baird St. in Moorpark.

Jesus seems to be popping up all over for the true-believers lately, no? Once again, I don't see anything that looks like Jesus in these photos; I just see scarring in the tree where a branch appears to have been cut off at some point in the past. If I was in Moorpark, CA, I might head over to take a look since the Ventura County Star (the source for this article) has been so kind as to give out the believer's home address. If anybody reading this is in the neighborhood and cares to take some more photos, please post a comment here with a link to them.

Now that Lopez has received her blessing and lit a few candles in what reminds me of some Druidic tree-worshiping rite, perhaps she might want to consider selling her Own Personal Jesus on eBay. Grease-spot Jesus is up to $250 there this morning, having now received 16 bids.

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