September 01, 2007

Cookies, Boobs and Woo

Japan has a bit of an obsession with women's bust sizes, it seems. Not that I, a typical American heterosexual male, don't, but I would never advocate that women risk strokes and cancer over it. That seems to be par for the course in Japan, though, where over-the-counter consumer items promising women a more voluminous bosom are a fixture.

The latest of these is a cookie whose name translated into English is "F-cup."

Cookies are a boost to boobs

...The makers of F-Cup Cookies claim two a day can boost busts by a whole cup size.

Each biscuit contains 50mg of a herb called Pueraria mirifica which they say mimics the effect of oestrogen and bulks up breast tissue...
The herb does, in fact, contain esterols quite similar to human estrogen, so they could well cause swelling of breast tissue depending on genetic predisposition. On the other hand, taking esterols in high dosage can also lead to strokes and cancers of the reproductive system. This is why women over thirty-five or who smoke, etc., generally aren't prescribed birth control pills.

Cookies that can cause irreversible damage or even kill marketed to the insecure. What will they think of next?

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