September 06, 2007


I mentioned a couple of entries back that what was formerly Cordyceps ophioglossoides had been moved into a new genus, but since nobody here is working on Cordyceps, nobody knew the name of the new genus.

It turns out that I was only half-right. Not only is there a new genus (Elaphocordyceps, so named because it parasitizes Elaphomyces spp.), but that genus is in a whole new family, Ophiocordycipitaceae. The basis for this new taxonomy is presented in Sung et al. 2007. Phylogenetic classification of Cordyceps and the clavicipitaceous fungi. Stud Mycol 57(1): 5-59 2007.

I'm sure everyone is dashing right off to grab a copy of that paper now, because the minutiae of fungal systematics are universally appealing. At least we can all agree to see the movie when it comes out, right?

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