September 07, 2007

The Progressive Psychopathology of Michael Korn

Despite his denial of evolution, Michael Korn certainly seems to be evolving. Having at one point deleted a number of incriminating entries from his blog, he's updated it again. His latest entry is filled with a particularly virulent strain of anti-semitic commentary and holocaust denial. It's fine evidence of further progress toward committing an act of violence, revealing a self-loathing that makes him an excellent candidate for something messy and suicidal. Because he has a penchant for covering up his rantings when the possibility of a confrontation with law enforcement occurs, I have saved screen shots of this latest bit of insanity should they prove useful for his prosecution at some later date. Otherwise, everything I will quote below comes from an entry dated September 5, 2007 and entitled The Nuclear Bomb on his blog "MessiahTruth," which itself tells us something about the mindset of this terrorist.

A summary of the entry can be made in a few short sentences. According to Korn, Jews were responsible for inventing and building the atomic bomb, doing so because they are monsters out to destroy humanity and, in at least one case, as an act of revenge against the Japanese for their assistance in fleeing Europe during Nazi occupation and extermination. Still, let's take a few excerpts from his twisted reasoning and see if we can better peer into the mind of this lunatic.

...Almost all the leading scientists on this wonderful project that has brought so much benefit to humanity were Jews: Einstein, Oppenheimer, Rabi, Teller, Fermi (his wife was Jewish) etc etc ad nauseum.

The legacy of this project is a terrifying expansion of the military-industrial complex, fascistic governmental control, a proliferation of secret agencies with unreported black budgets, an evisceration of the national and global economy through the wastefulness of obscene military spending, and the saddling of our environment with hundreds of millions of tons of undisposable radioactive waste...
Einstein didn't work on the Manhattan Project, nor did Fermi's wife. Whatever the ethical implications of the first atomic weapons were, none of the scientists who worked on it ever came out in favor of any of what Korn accuses them of. In fact, the point of developing the weapons was to end the war, thus preventing a continuing increase in military spending, not to mention theoretically limiting the death toll occurring as a result of conventional warfare. In his eagerness to arouse simultaneous anti-semitic and anti-scientific sentiments, Korn fails to mention that all the secret agencies and military spending that exist in the world today, with almost no exceptions, are under the auspices of non-Jewish leadership. In fact, the biggest spenders as a percentage of GNP for these things is the United States, which is headed not by Jews or scientists, but by an evangelical believer who in a presidential debate noted Jesus as his favorite philosopher.
Einstein... never got over the guilt he felt for the attack on Japan, which incinerated 300 thousand civilians in what was arguably the only real holocaust in that horrid conflict in which 60 million died worldwide.
Our first instance of holocaust denial on Korn's part. Nobody will deny the horrible toll from the use of atomic weapons on Japan, but to say that it was "the only real holocaust" of the time is implying something very different from a humanitarian concern.
Amazingly most Jews have absolutely no feelings of remorse for the diabolical fate of Hoshima and Nagasaki, whose unwarranted destruction were war crimes of the highest order, and instead whine incessantly about their own "suffering" in German concentration camps...
Interesting use of quotation marks here; Korn again denies the Holocaust. The Jews (and I suppose by extension Romanies, the handicapped, homosexuals, etc.) didn't suffer in those vacation resorts that the Nazis so kindly built for their amusement. Korn is also sliding into the myth of Jewish "blood evil" here as well, since "the Jews" didn't work on the Manhattan Project, although the parents of some of the scientists may have subscribed to the religion. But Korn isn't using "Jew" in the sense of a religious faith, he's classifying "Jew" as a racial term; it doesn't matter whether or not someone follows the religion. In Korn's mind, Judaism is an inherited trait. Einstein and Oppenheimer and the rest weren't religious, but since they were born Jewish, they remain Jewish no matter what they observe or believe. This is a very telling line of thought in terms of how Korn, himself born into a Jewish family, sees himself. Korn shares in this same blood evil in his view, just as the scientists he accuses. He no longer believes in Judaism, either, but "once a Jew, always a Jew." This is self-loathing at its finest, and it's part of what makes Korn particularly dangerous. He'll view his ultimate self-destruction as an act of atonement for the heritable evil of what he sees as the Jewish race, a race to which he belongs.
What really upset Einstein is that the Japanese actually helped his Jewish compatriots in the war, allowing a large group fleeing across Siberia to find refuge in the Chinese city of Shanghai for the duration of the war. But we must ask if the nuclear attack on Japan is a good example of what happens to those who try to help the Jews?
Korn is here pointing out that one of the traits he posits as part of Jewish-ness is self-destructiveness. He's justifying his own upcoming martyrdom in this paragraph.
But none of this should have surprised us for it all mirrors the efforts of German Jewish chemist (and Nobel Prize winner) Fritz Haber to develop poison gas for use by the German army in World War I; his wife was so upset when she learned of his vile efforts that she committed suicide. Ironically Jews who complain that they were allegedly victimized by German poison gas in World War II never pause for a moment to consider the delicious irony that one of their own pioneered its development as a weapon of choice.
Korn leaves out the fact that Haber himself was forced, under threat of imprisonment and possible execution as a traitor, to cooperate with the Germans. Moreover, he was singled out by them because of his previous work on the production of nitrogen-based fertilizers without which modern agriculture would have been impossible. The work Haber did voluntarily saved untold millions of lives from disease, malnutrition and starvation. It took a totalitarian regime to pervert that work into something used as a weapon against the people that Korn himself hates so much. It's also a second instance that Korn sees as evidence of inherent Jewish self-destructiveness. It's not Korn's fault that he's going to strap some explosives to his body and detonate them in a Jew-infested research laboratory, school, or synagogue. Destroying themselves and others is simply what Jews do in Korn's bizarro world, and Korn can't help the fact that he was born to a Jewish mother.
Jews truly are agents for change... Jesus called them Children of your Father the Devil; and these words are confirmed in the somber realization that their best and brightest birthed a monster weapon that threatens to destroy this planet...
This sums up Korn's "Jewish blood-evil" belief very well. Jews are the children of Satan, and Korn himself is a Jew (in his racial category, not in the rational meaning of the word as an indicator of a particular religious belief). The best that the Jews can do in this theory is to destroy the world. Korn, by killing as many of them as he can (and Jews are, in his mind, equated to scientists; it's very telling that one of the first things he accused PZ Myers of was the crime of Judaism, even though Myers isn't Jewish in terms of religion and doesn't have Jewish ancestry), and himself with them, will simply be continuing the work of Jesus. This is a volatile mixture of racism, self-loathing and a messianic complex we're seeing here, and it won't be long before it blows up. Look closely, ladies and gentlemen. You are witnessing the next step in the evolution of a suicide bomber here.
The Apostle Peter said that the world would be destroyed by fire. And it appears very likely that the Jewish nuclear scientists have gone a long way to hasten this planet's demise...
Again, Jewish blood-evil is the theme here. It's a bit odd to tease out the reasoning here, since millennialists like Korn generally spend their time hoping that the Tribulation will hurry up and get here. It's quite possible that Korn is citing a parallel for his own forthcoming "fiery" demise here, one that he views as providing impetus toward the Second Coming (this is also part of his own vision of himself as a messiah). Nonetheless, this bit of The Book of Revelations According to the Messiah Korn is so densely psychopathic that it's a bit more difficult to understand. I'll be forgiven for not going too much into the fact that even though the technology and weapons exist, it's no more likely that they will be employed by a Jewish leader than by a Muslim, Christian or Hindu leader. The point is the messianic vision of this particular terrorist-to-be, not a factual dissection of his delusions.
God save us from his "chosen"!
When Korn has previously uttered these words, they have been followed by letters decorated with skulls and crossbones slipped under the doors of research scientists or otherwise making threats of violence, and that's what he's doing here. This is a warning not of the impending wrath of some imaginary spirit in the sky, but of Korn's own upcoming violent spasm.
It is very possible, judging from this latest revelation on Michael Korn's blog, that all of his hateful acts perpetrated against scientists and non-Christians stem from his own self-loathing. It's a trinity of Satanic origins in his mind, with the points of the triangle being Jew—Scientist—Self.

Again, I hope that the appropriate law enforcement authorities are keeping tabs on this monster in the making and will take him off the streets before his delusions turn into very real tragedies. We can watch him working through his reasons for doing what he knows he's going to eventually do. It isn't a question of "if" with this lunatic but a question of "when," and it doesn't look to me like it will be very long now. The day is coming soon when we'll hear Korn's name in conjunction with some vicious act against real people ordered by the voice in his head he calls God. He's simply ironing out the details that will help him turn what those of us still in command of our reason view as senseless brutality into a state of grace.

I hope, I truly and deeply hope, that he'll be put away before he's got it all worked out in his head. Today, please, because he's getting closer all the time. Michael Korn should not be ignored. He is not some harmless internet crank. He's a monster we've caught at the moment of birth.

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