September 09, 2007

Just Two Photos

LL and I had a great day in Concord today, and I've got tons of photos. Right now, though, I'm far too tired to deal with them all. Since I'm going to be teaching a lab until 9:00 PM tomorrow night, I probably won't get around to posting much about our trip until Tuesday or even later. You'll just have to take my word for our having enjoyed the place a great deal.

What photos I have edited are online at my photo archive, but there are two that I want to share right away.

Firstly, there's one of LL speaking with her mother in Lebanon in Arabic while sitting next to the North Bridge, the site of the first battle of the Revolutionary War:

I like the way it came out, plus the subject matter is just the slightest bit perverse.

Second, a little humor:

A wee bit on the cynical side, no?

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