September 10, 2007

Settings from Quella villa accanto al cimitero

All of the following photos are of settings in Concord, MA used in Lucio Fulci's 1981 horror film, Quella villa accanto al cimitero. I tried to capture the exact angles as seen in the movie, though it wasn't always possible. Unlike a permitted film crew, I wasn't allowed to stop traffic to get my shots. As a lifelong horror fan, I admit to getting a little thrill from knowing that I was standing exactly on the spots where Fulci himself stood over 25 years ago.

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The Concord Free Public Library (129 Main Street) from a distance. There is a brick walkway that leads up to the building. About halfway up the walkway, there is a wider circular part that I feel fairly certain is where Fulci set up at least one camera.
This exact shot appears about 20 minutes into the film. The scene is the one in which the female lead is talking with her husband as they walk to a real estate office. Fulci appears to have set up the shot so that the pillar would block the name of the town, so we see only the last four letters in "Concord."
We see the building again briefly later in the film when the female lead is walking home from a trip to a supermarket carrying two paper sacks from a Stop and Shop. There is no such store in the vicinity and Concord doesn't allow chains of any kind in the historic district. In this shot, LL stands in for actress Catriona MacColl.
In the next shot in the film, McColl sees her husband driving by and attempts to attract his attention in order to get a ride home. His car would be going from left to right on the street with the camera behind McColl, so the scene was set up pretty much as you see here.
While his parents are talking to their realtor, child actor Giovanni Frezza looks into the window of a clothes store and watches as the head of a mannequin drops off. The mannequin then falls over, slides slowly down the window and bleeds. The store window to the left in this shot is where that happens.
Soon after, Frezza hears a voice and meets ghostly Mae Freudstein (child actress Silvia Collatina) who is standing in front of a cemetery gate, which is shown in this photo. I couldn't get the exact shot because of traffic, but it should be recognizable if you've seen the film. The cemetery is called simply the Old Burying Ground; the graves therein date mainly to the mid- to late- 18th century, and I'll have shots of the artwork from some of the headstones here at some later point.
I think I've covered Fulci's shots from Concord here. I'd love to know where the "house by the cemetery" itself is located. I know it's in the town of Scituate, but I can't figure out exactly where. If anyone happens to know, though, please tell me!

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