October 16, 2007

That Vietnamese Lentinula

I haven't had much time to write lately; my schedule has been packed end-to-end.

I finally got around to working on the sequences from that Vietnamese Lentinula. As odd as it looks, it appears to be Lentinula edodes strain 271, a known strain from Southeast Asia, or possibly strain 271, also known from the region. Either way, it's not a new species, just a variety of shiitake that retains its umbo a bit later into the life cycle of its fruiting bodies than most others. The only difference is likely slightly later expression of some set of proteins involved in basidiome morphology.

I should have sequences from the resupinate I found back in September (where does the time go?) and the Stropharia aff. squamosa from my last outing some time next week.

Busy busy busy...

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