November 16, 2007

Brief Absence

I will be a non-blogger beginning about an hour from now and extending, most likely, until some time late on Sunday. During that time, I'll be in Boston to enjoy the Marcel Khalife concert at the Berklee Performance Center, and I also plan to tour one or more of the museums at Harvard. Frankly, I need a day or two off from staring into a monitor, anyhow.

If you comment on an entry, it will almost certainly not be approved for publication here until I return from my trip. I would turn off approval, but between spam and the inevitable trolls with a penchant for flooding science-related blogs with biblical quotations (yes, I get them all the time), I'm afraid of the possibility of having this blog reduced to a smoking rubble of Jesus-junk by the time I get home. Please be patient if you're trying to leave a legitimate comment.

I hope everyone who reads this and isn't here on a malicious basis has a great weekend. I'm pretty sure I will, and I'll tell you all about it when I get home, rested and ready to blog some more!

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