November 02, 2007

Interviewed by Worcester Magazine

I was just now walking back to campus from Acoustic Java, mochaccino in hand, when I was stopped by a reporter from Worcester Magazine. There has apparently been a rash of presumably gang-related violence in Worcester, and the question of the day for which I was interviewed was whether or not I'm particularly concerned about my personal safety.

Being that I hadn't heard about this violent outbreak until this reporter told me about it, I didn't have a very specific answer for him. I told him that having grown up and lived in large cities, I've long since learned to keep my eyes open and my head down and to generally avoid trouble. This is a truism for my approach to urban life; it worked for me while growing up in Brooklyn (aside from a brief stint with some indiscretions of youth involving car stereos), it worked for me in San Francisco, it worked for me in Tampa, and I see no reason to do anything else here in Wormtowm.

I don't know whether or not they'll use the interview, but if they do there will be a photo of me that depicts what I look like after spending several hours in a futile attempt to understand vertebrate embryology and gene expression in the developing brains of zebrafish. Maybe not entirely futile, but futile enough that I needed a mochaccino. I'm sure that my eyes will be a very attractive shade of red.

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