November 02, 2007

Making the World a Better Place

There are two things that I've realized this morning would make the world a better place.

First, humanity needs shoes made from beef jerky. They'd be cheap and edible. Someone wearing beef jerky shoes would never starve to death while lost in the forest; they could simply nibble on their footwear. Just think of how popular such a foot-fashion maven would be with the neighborhood canines!

Secondly, we must find a way to convince Rob Zombie to record a cover of Gwen Stefani's Hey Baby. Or maybe Marilyn Manson. Better still, they could do it as a duet. The thought of Zombie and Manson crooning alternating choruses fills my heart with a sense of delight and wonder, and it should do so for yours as well. If it doesn't, then the terrorists win.

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