December 30, 2007

French Kissing a Cow at Weintraub's of Worcester

Last week, I posted a request for a place in Worcester that has knishes and some kindly anonymous (and presumably local) reader pointed me at a place called Weintraub's on Water Street. Thank you, anonymous reader.

LL and I headed over there for lunch and have just gotten back and I wasn't disappointed in the least. I had, for the first time since leaving California nearly six years ago, a tongue sandwich, and it was a very good sandwich. Tongue is one of my favorite Jewish delicacies, and the stuff in this sandwich was just greasy enough to provide that "what you're eating is bad for you, but damn it tastes good" experience. I wolfed that sucker down in about two minutes flat and now have the "see, I told you that was bad for you" case of heartburn, a small price to pay.

LL had a heavy pastrami sandwich. The pastrami was practically in slabs and the portion so large that she could only finish half of her sandwich, so I got to taste some of that as well. They're not kidding when they say heavy pastrami; that stuff could be used for the control rods in a nuclear reactor! That's some dense meat right there, and good, too.

We also brought home some knishes and a pound of kishka for dinner. I don't think I've had kishka since I left New York, so maybe since 1982. I remember loving the stuff, though, so I'm looking forward to trying Weintraub's tonight.

The restaurant itself is a little hole-in-the-wall kind of place that's been there since the 1920's. It doesn't look like anything special, but to a kid from Brooklyn who just spent five years living in places where there just weren't any decent Jewish delis it looked a lot like an oasis to me — an oasis full of kishka and tongue. Now that I know where Weintraub's is, I'll finally get around to getting that last bit of blood out of my cholesterol stream!

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