December 07, 2007

Interviewed on the WHOI Suit

A newspaper reporter found this blog and interviewed me as background for a story on the Woods Hole Creationist lawsuit. I won't give the name of the paper because they have to use my real name and, due to certain ex-Coloradan Creationist-terrorists who have made threatening comments in the past I would rather not have my legal name associated with this blog at this point.

Because of this reporter having lived all of his life where he's lived it, he was rather unaware of the scope of Creationist efforts to undermine legitimate science and the depths to which they'll sink. I gave him a bit of a background about some of the players in the Wedge Movement and a couple of anecdotes regarding threats made against biologists and the like. He was surprised to hear of all of this, so I hope he'll use what I (and others; he's interviewing several people) told him as a springboard for further research into the situation.

Personally, I look at this as an opportunity to help insure, in some small way, that the situation with Nathaniel Abraham and the Creationist attack on WHOI blows up in their faces. Despite everything, I believe that most people have some sense of decency and those people will react negatively when they realize what's going on here. In the end, this lawsuit will work against the Creationists if it has any impact at all. Given the ridiculous nature of Abraham's contentions as revealed in the complaint filed by his attorney, I'm sure of it.

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