December 08, 2007

Pulmonary Jesus

Today's Daily Jesus comes to us from Homestead, Florida where medical personnel were shocked to find that the King of Kings has taken up residence in the thoracic cavity of a patient.

Man Claims To See Jesus In X-Ray
Doctor Cannot Explain Silhouette

HOMESTEAD, Fla. -- Holy images have been spotted in a grilled cheese sandwich and a pancake.

Now a South Florida man says he sees Jesus in an X-ray he had taken at a doctor's office.

"I feel a little nervous," Reynaldo Farinas said.

After experiencing chest pains, Farinas went to Homestead Hospital. While he was there, physicians ordered an X-ray of his chest.

"Last night I checked and (I saw) the face of Jesus Christ there," Farinas said.

Farinas, along with his physician and a medical technician, said the image on the X-ray resembles Jesus Christ.

The doctor said he could not explain the silhouette.

"I was surprised," Farinas said. "(It's) unbelievable."
300 cc of frankincense... stat!

I must admit, I can't see anything resembling a face in this one. All of the divine apparitions I've cataloged here have been a bit of a stretch, but this one just doesn't seem to be there no matter how I squint at it. Nonetheless, the typical elements of these stories are present here. The person seeing the image is a believer in a state of crisis (in this case, having chest pains). The believer points out the image he believes is present to others and some of them see it, too. The claim is then made that the image they're seeing can't be explained apart from supernatural intervention. Of course, Farinas could have some sort of tumor or there could have been a glitch in the processing of the film. Either one of these explanations is more likely a correct one than is the notion that the holy spirit has descended into Reynaldo Farinas' chest. Personally, I don't see anything inexplicable in the image at all. I see the shadows of bones and organs and what looks suspiciously like a double exposure. Perhaps Farinas had multiple x-rays taken and the technician simply forgot to change plates between two of them?

There's no word as to whether or not Farinas plans to sell his lungs on eBay yet. Still, if you're looking for the perfect Christmas gift for that relative who has everything, you might be able to talk him into it. Just imagine their surprise on Christmas morning when they open their gifts and find divinely-imprinted internal organs taken from a middle-aged Floridian man. I guarantee that this is one holiday chachka Uncle Moneybags will never forget!

Yes, Mr. Farinas, it is unbelievable.

EDIT (10:41 AM): LL pointed out the Jesus-face to me, which looks to be the result of double exposure. Also, it now looks to me more like Alan Ginsberg than it does like Jesus.

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