January 27, 2008

Finally, a Lucid Explanation of the Presidential Nomination Process

Despite having lived in the United States all my life, I must admit that I find the whole primary/caucus/electoral process highly confusing. Luckily for me and people like me, columnist Dave Barry has written a piece that we can all understand.

Every vote matters, unless you're from Florida

On Tuesday, millions of Florida voters will head for the polls. Being Floridians, many of them will become confused and drive into buildings, canals, cemeteries, other Floridians, etc...

...First Iowa held "caucuses," in which Iowans gathered in small groups at night and engaged in some mysterious Iowan ritual that for all we know involves having intimate relations with corn. Right after that Wyoming had a primary, but it was only for Republicans, because Wyoming Democrats (apparently there are at least two) will hold their primary March 8. Most of the candidates ignored Wyoming and focused on the New Hampshire primary, except Rudy Giuliani, who's following a shrewd strategy, originally developed by the Miami Dolphins, of not entering the race until he has been mathematically eliminated. After New Hampshire came Michigan, where the ballot listed all the Republicans, but only certain Democrats, including Chris Dodd, who had already dropped out if the race, but NOT including Barack Obama or John Edwards...
It's all makes sense now. Thank you, Dave Barry.

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