January 26, 2008

Of Zombies, Time Lords and Extra-Dimensional Spaces

The season premiers of Doctor Who and Torchwood air on BBC America tonight, a prospect about which LL and I are quite excited. Watching those shows has been our Saturday night ritual for some time. While they've been in repeats since late last year, we've been filling in the time by renting DVDs of the old Doctor Who series so LL can get caught up a bit (last night, in fact, was The Ribos Operation serial with Tom Baker as The Doctor). LL particularly likes K9 and wants to get one.

If one did come by a K9, would Massachusetts law require that it be licensed as a dog or as a motor vehicle? Hmmm...

I'm also looking forward to receiving a bad horror flick called Vampires vs. Zombies. I'm not sure what it's about, but I'll figure it out once the flick starts. That came up in the conversation LL and I were having over morning coffee:

Me: We should be getting Vampires vs. Zombies from Netflix soon. It sounds hilarious.
LL: If zombies and vampires were the only creatures left on earth, they'd both die out.
Me: I think the zombies would survive. The vampires could suck their blood all they liked, but you can only kill a zombie by shooting it in the head.
LL: True. There's probably no blood in a zombie anyhow.
Me: Then again, I guess the vampires wouldn't die. The zombies wouldn't burn them or drive stakes through their hearts.
LL: But if their bodies were in pieces...
Me: The parts would eventually get back together again. Zombies don't have a metabolism, so they can't digest things.
LL: That would take a long time, though.
Me: Well, that would depend on how much the zombies ate. It's got to come back out somehow eventually...
LL: Yuck.
Me: Stuff has to get pushed out when the zombie fills up. The inside of a zombie isn't like a tardis or an extra-dimensional space...
LL: spews coffee onto table, laughing

Welcome to mornings around the O'Risal household. Yes, I think we both qualify as geeks... but LL is worse than me! I may have Vampires vs. Zombies queued but she's got a documentary about fonts on her list. When did a font ever eat someone's brain?

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