February 04, 2008

Hillary Clinton's Big Mistake

Hillary Clinton put in an appearance at my university today. I didn't try to go see her. I have other things to do and I hate crowds. I see plenty of her on television and she has a website, too, so I felt no particular burning desire to attend her event.

Clinton was scheduled to start her talk at 11:30 this morning. When I left for lunch, though, there was still a line of people waiting to see stretching up the block. It looked like a mix of students and nonstudents.

When I came back from lunch, the line was still there. I found out later that she didn't actually show up until a bit after 2:00 PM. There were people waiting for three hours to go hear her speak and, I would assume, have the opportunity to ask her questions. Personally, my afternoon was consumed by a phylogeny seminar and an attempt to slog through an exceptionally dense paper on chromalveolates and related supertaxa.

One of my fellow grad students, an avid Patriots fan, brought up a good point about the whole Hillary-fest today, though. What was Hillary thinking? Here it is, the day after the Patriots lose the Superbowl to the New York Giants, and a Senator from New York shows up in Worcester to campaign! She's lucky nobody pied her. Not only did she have the uncannily bad timing to show up the day after the Big Game, but then she kept everyone waiting for hours, too.

Bad, bad move, Hillary Clinton. I just hope she made it out of Worcester alive.

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