February 04, 2008

A Message from Shalini Sehkar and the Demise of Scientia Natura

Shalini left this as a comment here today, but I've noticed that a lot of people have been finding this blog in an attempt to find hers. She tells us the following:

Thanks for all your support, and although I still can't speak publicly about the nature of my problem, I doubt that I will be able to resurrect my blog. :-(

However, if you liked my blog, something tells me that you would enjoy http://www.evolvedrational.com
I'm sorry to hear that Scientia Natura appears to have gone the way of the dodo. I've been reading it for a good deal longer than I've had this blog. Frankly, I hope Shalini's wrong about this and that everything works out for the best, both for her and for her readers.

If there's anything we can do to help, Shalini, just let us know. I speak for myself and LL on this, and I'm sure for a lot of other people who've read your blog and who read this one.

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