February 26, 2008

Hookah Bars in Worcester

The most recent issue of Worcester Magazine ran an article about Spiritual Haze, a hookah bar here in town. LL and I have passed by the place and keep meaning to check it out; we haven't been to a hookah bar since leaving Tallahassee and we're long overdue.

Scott Zoback mentions in the piece that

...such lounges have sprouted up all over town; one has already opened and at least two more are in various stages of planning or opening. As with sushi and Starbucks, these things tend to come in threes in Worcester.
He doesn't say anything else about these others, though. Do any of the local folks know anything about them?

I'm wondering in particular if either or both of the other two hookah lounges not named in Zoback's article are Arab-run. LL is a bit of a traditionalist in that a visit to a hookah place is, among other things, a cure for homesickness (she's Lebanese). I know Worcester has a sizable Middle Eastern community; I wonder if the other lounges are products of that community.

Besides, I love listening to LL order in Arabic. I still can't understand what she's saying most of the time, but I do like hearing her say it!

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