February 23, 2008

Not a Daily Jesus After All: It's Me on that Road in Illinois?

Earlier today, I wrote a Daily Jesus entry about cracked asphalt that looked like Jesus in Illinois. Anonymoustache, a frequent commenter around here pointed out that he thought this particular Daily Jesus looked more like Mike O'Risal than it did like Son O'God.

Ever the scientist (or merely a curious geek), I thought I would test Anonymoustache's hypothesis. I had LL shoot a photo of my profile, then superimposed the photo at about the same size as the crack in the original photograph. Here's the result:

I think Anonymoustache is onto something. Clearly, those cracks in East 29th Road in Seneca, Illinois are an image of me!

Apparently, I was trying to send a message to the world and hadn't even realized I was doing it. So here's the message:

Hey. Howya doin'?

I didn't say it was a very good message.

In lieu of worshipful prostrations, I'm accepting research funding. Clearly, a being so powerful as I, capable of projecting my likeness into solid tarmac halfway across a continent, shouldn't have to work as a teaching assistant anymore.

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