February 26, 2008

Wasting My Time on a Slushy, Wet Night

I'd been planning all day to attend the meeting of the Greater Worcester Humanists this evening. LL teaches tonight and had an appointment this afternoon, so we had to do some serious car-juggling. Still, I gave her a ride to the university, came back home to eat and then set out for the meeting despite the snow-sleet-slush-rain that was everywhere.

At the end of the five mile drive, I arrived at the Unitarian Universalist church about 15 minutes early. There were only two other cars in the parking lot. Uh-oh. I'd come this far, though, so I went in.

I wandered through the hallway looking for something that seemed like a meeting until I heard a voice call out from an office. A very pleasant woman asked me if she could help, so I told her I was there for the Humanist meeting. She told me she thought it had been canceled. Hadn't there been a sign on the door? Of course, there wasn't one or I wouldn't have been wandering the hall in the first place. She called someone who told her that the meeting, which had already been postponed once, had now been canceled because the scheduled speaker had laryngitis. Apparently the cancellation had happened a couple of days ago.

Nothing to do about it but to drive back home through what had now become just rain.

I just checked the GWH website and, sure enough, the event is now marked "canceled." I don't know when that change was made, but it surely wasn't there this morning.

The group's next event is scheduled for March 11; it's a workshop on secular student activism. I doubt I'll bother with it; organizing secular students at my university would be as worthwhile a project as trying to convert people to Mormonism in Utah.

So now there's nothing to do except wait until LL calls to tell me she's done with her class and I can pick her up — from her Jesuit-run college. Maybe she ought to go to that meeting on March 11.

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